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Narrator 1: On 11th August
Narrator 2: At 11
Narrator 1: 11
Narrator 2: Precisely
Narrator 1: It happened.
Narrator 2: It happened.
Narrator 1: Work stopped and
Narrator 2: People went out on to the rooftops
Narrator 1: Into the fields
Narrator 2: Out into the open
Narrator 1: To see
Narrator 2: Not a lot
Narrator 1: Not a great deal.
Narrator 2: But nevertheless it happened. A total
Narrator 1: Eclipse
Narrator 2: Of the sun.
Narrator 1: Why do you think it caused so much fuss?
Narrator 2: Well…it depends on how old you are.
Narrator 1: How do you mean? I wasn’t here in the 1920’s if that’s what you mean, to see the last total eclipse in this country.
Narrator 2: No, but were you here in the 1970’s?
Narrator 1: Might have been. I can’t remember. It’s all a blur.
Narrator 2: Yes, you remember Big Yellow Taxi?
Narrator 1: No, I’ve never been to New York.
Narrator 2: No, not those, I mean the song by Joni Mitchell.
Narrator 1: Oh yes (Starts to sing it, if known)
Narrator 2: Spare us that. Well anyway there’s a line in the song that says "Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone."
Narrator 1: Yes but what’s that got to do with the eclipse?
Narrator 2: Well let’s see. What disappeared albeit for a short period of time?
Narrator 1: Now let’s see. Total eclipse of the sun. So the sun disappeared.
Narrator 2: Well done. Roll on Mastermind.
Narrator 1: Yeah, but what’s your point? Oh wait a minute…I get you. We take things for granted.
Narrator 2: Even the sun
Narrator 1: And when it goes it causes quite a stir. It’s awesome. It makes you feel kind of small.
Narrator 2: When I consider your heavens
Narrator 1: And the work
Narrator 2: Of your fingers
Narrator 1: The moon and the stars
Narrator 2: Including the sun
Narrator 1: Which you have set in place
Narrator 2: What is man that you are mindful of him
Narrator 1: The son of man
Narrator 2: That you care for him?
Narrator 1: O Lord
Narrator 2: Our Lord,
Narrator 1: How majestic is your name
Narrator 2: In all the earth
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(Contributed by Helen Adcock)


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