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Izzy and Eve

by Neil Drinnan [Green Candy Press - 2006]
ASIN: 1931160465

Greg said that this book "quotes Hejira and Court and Spark."

On page 19:
Izzy likes to quote people. I remember him quoting Joni Mitchell from an old scratched vinyl record that he still plays, something about us all being chickens scratching for immortality.

On page 59:
For me lust's like one of those melancholy Joni Mitchell songs where desire grows with each drink and an ugly stranger becomes handsome. The fire is ignited with liquor, for a few hours the whole world basks in its glow, then, unless I've obliterated myself with pills I'll wake at four in the morning to the blackness and the darkness and a stranger who's lost the magical light he seemed to possess only hours before.

On page 127:
I sing snippets of things that seem to be right- "Stormy Weather," "Court and Spark" and "The Mockingbird Song."

One page 155:
On the wall opposite, his chalk marks have washed away. Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm isn't that a Joni Mitchell album?

(Contributed by Greg)


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