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Waist-high in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled

by Nancy Mairs [edition - 1996]
ASIN: 0807070874

We have Cindy to thank for this one:

"This, however, is my own problem. The mark of self-reliance, for me, is not whether or not I open a door for myself but whether I accept the burden of my limitations. For the truth is that, regardless of structural and attitudinal modifications, I am never going to be entirely at ease in the world. Unless paradise is paved into a parking lot, most of the earth's surface is going to be too rough for my wheelchair. The top shelves of supermarkets will remain forever beyond my reach. I will never mingle at cocktail parties, since I can't juggle a drink and my joystick at the same time, and besides I get claustrophobic down among the milling bellies and buttocks. I won't dance again. To some, for reasons outside my control, I will always be a figure of pity, scorn, despair. 'You're so brave,' they will go on exclaiming, as though only true grit could prod a person through a life so loathsome as mine."

Okay, so its not really fiction . . . but paved parking lots are ending up everywhere, aren't they?

(Contributed by Cindy Vickery)


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