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City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver

by Douglas Coupland [2000]
ASIN: 1550548182

Not fiction, but interesting nonetheless! Catherine Turley reports that this book is "a Canada-only publication, only in stores there, but available to those of us south of the border from Canadian on-line sellers, like and" When I was growing up, many of my schoolteachers were Children of '68, and they tried their hardest to spread their message. But, of course, I and my cohorts ended up as a generation (Doug, don't say it) of computer-embracing, punk-rock pragmatists in response to the dippiness of the sixties. But the hippies might take heart that the best of what they believed valuable was, in the end, passed on to the khaki-loving kids who followed them. Many sitcoms and Sunday paper think pieces on the subject have appeared, so the subject need not be discussed further.But as comedienne Sandra Bernhard has said, on a clear night, you can hear Joni up in the canyons knitting a shawl.

(Contributed by Catherine Turley)


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