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by Rick Moody [Paperback - 2001]
ASIN: 0316592102

This collection of short stories by Rick Moody, who also wrote "The Ice Storm," contains two references to Joni. About the first reference, on page 230, Walt says:
"'Wilkie Fahnstock, the Boxed Sex' is a parody of a cassette-boxed-set-booklet, he lists on ten tapes all the songs of a particular loser's life, along with a running commmentary on Mr. Fahnstock's life. On Cassette 3, side B, he lists cut #14 as Joni Mitchell's For Free (1972)."
About another story in this collection, Walt writes:
"The Joni mention on page 249 is in the story 'Ineluctable Modality of the Vaginal,' a rambling, one-run-on-sentence stream-of-consciousness thingy written in the style of someone who has read too many academic articles, presumably without understanding them."
"...up until then we might have found the spot where we agreed that we didn't disagree, and we might have listed the things we agreed on, a history that swept backward behind us, we agreed on being in that certain bar on the upper West Side and, prior to that, we agreed on certain jukebox selections, Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen or Joni Mitchell if available, and prior to that, we agreed on a sequence of semesters and vacations..."

(Contributed by Big Walt)


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