Guitar and Piano Transcriptions

Molly Malone

Guitar tablature transcribed by Howard Wright

Tuning: EADGBE  (other transcriptions in this same tuning)
"Joni" Tuning: E55545
Tuning pattern: x55545  (others in this same pattern)
Capo on fret 2

Author Notes:

This is one of the very earliest recordings of Joni playing the guitar,
and key elements of her early guitar technique are already apparent.
The picking is quite intricate, with patterns mostly using notes played
on single strings. There are also places where open strings are played
in transitions between chord shapes, something that she would develop
much more strongly later on as she explored alternative tunings.

This transcription is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song.
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ljirvin on

Thanks Howard, for this transcription. Although the jury is still out on the date of this recording, I believe it was December 1963 or early January 1964. Interviews with Nick Edmonds and John Uren suggest this time frame to be correct. It's apparent, looking at the intro tab, that Joni is just transitioning from baritone uke to the guitar as she is more comfortable playing on the top 4 strings.