Guitar and Piano Transcriptions

Transcription Submission Guidelines welcomes transcription submissions - as some of the best transcriptions have come from fans who've contacted us out of the blue. We welcome trancriptions of any type: guitar, piano, dulcimer, bass, drums, strings, sax, etc... as long as it's Joni-related.

We get quite a few submissions, and not all of them make the cut. Below are some guidelines that will help your work get noticed when submitting it to us. After you've read them, send us an email with your submission.

In general

  • We are looking for transcriptions of songs that aren't already transcribed. But even if we already have a transcription of a certain song - if your transcription improves upon the existing document or is in some way qualitatively different, we're interested in seeing it.
  • We love transcriptions that are "exactly like Joni played it" but also welcome quality "interpretations" and unique arrangements.
  • Guitar transcriptions

    • Tablature and/or standard notation is accepted.
    • Descriptive text is important. Describe the transcription and notation marks that may be unfamiliar to the novice guitarist. Do not assume the viewers are all expert guitarists - they aren't!
    • Unless you have used notation software (Finale, Sibelius, etc) to create the document, please submit to us in an editable, plain text format.
    • Piano transcriptions

      • Must be legible, of course. Preferably created with software such as Finale or Sibelius.

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A number of Joni's guitar tunings, although tuned to different pitches, have the same relative relationship between the strings. The "tuning pattern" ignores the pitch and groups tunings with similar relationships. For a more detailed explanation, see the Tuning Patterns page.