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This song appears on the album 'Shine'

This song appears on the album 'The Fiddle and The Drum Ballet Soundtrack'

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If I Had A Heart

by Joni Mitchell   Printer-friendly version of this lyric

Holy war
Hate and cruelty...
How can this be holy?
If I had a heart I'd cry.

These ancient tales...
The good go to heaven
And the wicked ones burn in hell...
Ring the funeral bells!
If I had a heart I'd cry.

There's just too many people now
Too little land
Much too much desire
You feel so feeble now
It's so out of hand
Big bombs and barbed wire
We've set our lovely sky
Our lovely sky
On fire!

There's just too many people now
And too little land
Too much rage and desire
It makes you feel so feeble now
It's so out of hand-
Big bombs and barbed wire...
Can't you see
Our destiny?
We are making this Earth
Our funeral pyre!

Holy Earth
How can we heal you?
We cover you like a blight...
Strange birds of appetite...
If I had a heart I'd cry.
If I had a heart I'd cry.
If I had a heart I'd cry.

© 2007; Crazy Crow Music

Comments on If I Had A Heart

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bozito on 2011-Sep-21 at 05:17:39 GMT-5:
"When I thought life had some meaning
Then I thought I had some choice
(I was running blind)
And I made some value judgments
In a self-important voice
(I was outa line)
But then absurdity came over me
And I longed to lose control
(into no mind)
Oh all I ever wanted
Was just to come in from the cold"
Joni Mitchell -- "a cheeky girl, a flirt"?

After preaching love for all these years, Joni, you don't get to complain of overpopulation. You get to solve the problem. Get to work, dearheart. Join the club. Or, remain pretty much useless and part of the problem.

Me? I have a simple formula which leads to a sustainable economics. Millions will die. Technological progress will slow to a crawl after a sudden burst and segregation of those who can move faster than light from those who cannot. Took me years and years to figure out but it's incredibly simple. High school algebra simple. Which is why all the Great Minds missed it. They use it all the time, just not systematically, as an independent theory having to do with the Rate of Creation.

You say you're undervalued: Just try getting people to pay attention to math and pattern-logic.

4+4/3 = 4*4/3 = 16/3 is a non-Euclidean Proposition for organizing energy flows since it neutralizes Addition equal to Multiplication and so Length equal to Area, or Area equal to Volume, etc. Nature makes this choice as she grows upward or outward. It is HOW and WHY Life defeats Gravity. a+b=a*b=c also applies to the Pythagorean Theorem and E=mc^2 and every other formula, including some very advanced ones of the Standard Model (of Quantum Theory), and is worthy of the Nobel Prize in every field. Les Irvin probably still has my phone number; you have my email address; you give me a tap on the shoulder when you're ready to get serious about solving the world's problems. Don't get tricky; I'm schizzy so you'll just make me paranoid. I need someone who does NOT grasp math to grasp some simple math. I dreamed of 747s and geometric farms, Euclid. Deep pattern recognition, all over the developing world as of right now -- this is where the change must occur.

My lil formula values EVERY PART OF THE BUFFALO.  [ed.]