Song Lyrics

Poor Sad Baby

by Joni Mitchell

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Goodbye I'm bound away
On the morning plane
I'll fly around the world
Then I'll fly around again

And when I've been from Egypt
To the snows of Nome
Poor sad baby, that's when
I'll be coming home

Rose gardens in the rain
And castles in the snow
Post cards from distant places
Are poor company I know

But when old gay Paree
Is just another town
Poor sad baby
I'll come home and settle down

When I've felt the friendship
Of a thousand hands
When I'm drunk with the music
From a thousand bands
A thousand bands

I'll dance the streets by moonlight
And the fields by day
Perchance my jeans won't jingle
But the mem'ry coins will stay

I'll be a pauper queen
A poorhouse millionaire
Poor sad baby
I'll bring you home a dream to share

© March 28, 1966; R. Joan Mitchell, then August 22, 1966; Gandalf Pub Co


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