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This song appears on the album 'The Hissing of Summer Lawns'

This song appears on the album 'The Studio Albums, 1968-1979'

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Sweet Bird

by Joni Mitchell   Printer-friendly version of this lyric

Out on some borderline
Some mark of inbetween
I lay down golden in time
And woke up vanishing

Sweet bird you are
Briefer than a falling star
All these vain promises on beauty jars
Somewhere with your wings on time
You must be laughing
Behind our eyes
Calendars of our lives
Circled with compromise
Sweet bird of time and change
You must be laughing
Up on your feathers laughing

Golden in time
Cities under the sand
Power ideals and beauty
Fading in everyone's hand

Give me some time
I feel like I'm losing mine
Out here on this horizon line
With the earth spinning
And the sky forever rushing
No one knows
They can never get that close
Guesses at most
Guesses based on what each set of time and change is touching
Guesses based on what each set of time and change is touching
Guesses based on what each set of time and change is touching

© 1975; Crazy Crow Music

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Sweet Bird has been recorded by 3 others

Hall, Lani (from "Sweetbird" - 1977)
Hancock, Herbie (from "River - The Joni Letters" - 2007)
The Steve Klink Trio (from "Places To Come From, Places To Go" - 2002)
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Comments on Sweet Bird

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NathanLaFraneer on 2013-May-17 at 15:59:00 GMT-5:
Such a beautiful song about aging
danno on 2012-Apr-06 at 09:48:45 GMT-5:
haunting [hawn-ting, hahn-]
1. remaining in the consciousness; not quickly forgotten: haunting music; haunting memories.
the act of joni mitchell's Sweet Bird being input into one's brain.