Joni Undercover

Known recordings of 'The Last Time I Saw Richard'

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  • Ashbrook, Daphne All Good Dreamers 2014

  • Bartley, Gren Songs To Scythe Back The Overgrown 2012

  • Bissex, Rachel Don't Look Down 1995

  • Canoura, Laura Super Doble 1991

    Translated to Spanish as "La Última Vez Que Vi A Richard"

  • Clark, Merideth Kaye Blue 2016

  • Cowsill, Susan w/Robert Mache PazFest - The New Orleans Tribute to Joni Mitchell at the Howlin' Wolf 2002

  • Fleisher, Julian

    Live recording from Symphony Space's "Wall To Wall Joni Mitchell" concert

  • Forrester, Renée Digital Single 2013

  • Gore, Valery

  • Hall, Kira Not So Blue: Kira Sings Joni 2016

  • Harlock, Kelly 2010

  • Irma Schultz Keller Blank is sånger av Joni Mitchell 2010

    Translated in Swedish as "Senast Jag Sag Rikard"

  • James, Morgan Blue 2016

  • Katy Stephan + Classical Revolution UnderCover, Faultline Studios and Kalx Present: Joni Mitchell's Blue 2012

  • Kaufmann, Denise Dream Flight 1976

  • Kind Of Like Spitting Insound Tour Support Series Volume 14 2000

    Limited edition of 1000 copies in a rubber-stamped generic "Insound Tour Support Series" cardboard slipjacket with insert.

  • Legiao Urbana Acustico Mtv 1999

  • Maggie Hollinbeck & Graham Sobelman Another Shade Of Blue 2014

  • Maguire, Clare 2013

  • Miles, Catherine Joni Mitchell's Blue: a 40th Anniversary Celebration 2012

  • Molaskey, Jessica Portraits of Joni 2017

  • Montes, Marguerite 2010

    Audio from a Youtube video; Live at the Cool Creek Cafe 2007 Bellingen Australia.

  • Raison D'Etre Better Medicine 1999

  • Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet Joni Mitchell's Blue & Court And Spark - Live At Dizzy's 2011

  • Sandbloom, Kevin Sandbloom Still Blue 2011

  • Takats, Ange Festival Folk Sing Joni Mitchell 2010

  • Whitehead, Paul Inversions 2009