Joni Undercover

13 known recordings of 'For The Roses'

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  • 2022 Casale, Rossana Joni

  • 2014 Crowe, Allison

    Recorded and released in tribute to Joni's birthday.

  • 2004 Hammett-Vaughan, Kate Eclipse

  • 1980 Iris Koch - Werner Tharandt Lieder von Joni Mitchell, Cheryl Wheeler, Iris Koch u.a.

    Recorded 1978-1980 live at various places in Nurnberg

  • 2010 Kevin Halporn & Flor GuillĂ©n

    Audio from artist website

  • 2019 Krall, Diana Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration

    From the DVD

  • 2021 Piano Project Piano Tribute to Joni Mitchell

  • 2022 Rain Dove Rain Dove

  • 1978 Rowland, Carey Something For Everyone

  • 2012 Skinner, Lynn Lynnie Sings Joni: Snapshots from the Stage

  • 2002 Sweeney, Molly Promo EP

  • 2023 The Harmony Keepers A Tribute To Our Lady Of The Canyon

  • 2007 Wilson, Cassandra A Tribute To Joni Mitchell