Joni Undercover

Known recordings of 'Down To You'

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  • Adler, Robin

  • Chappell Kingsland this 'n' that

  • Colosseum II Strange New Flesh 1976

  • Gamble, William Wild Bill and the Arkanauts: Trouble 2010

  • Jean-Phillippe Guy & Lori Lorenzen Like A Wheel Within A Wheel 2012

  • Kroll, Janelle 2015

  • Lagan, Mandy The Joni Book II 2017

  • Lydia Van Dam Group Both Sides Now 1999

  • Otero, Florencia Nocturno Mundo (Músicas de Joni Mitchell) 2012

  • Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet Joni Mitchell's Blue & Court And Spark - Live At Dizzy's 2011

  • Souza, Luciana The New Bossa Nova 2007