Joni Undercover

12 known recordings of 'Barangrill'

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  • 1979 All Good Children All Good Children

  • 2014 Antonioli, Laurie Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light

  • 2021 Claudio Chiara & Barbara Raimondi Eleven Songs of Peace and Love (feat. Fabio Gorlier, Alessandro Maiorino)

  • 1976 Cole, Beth Anne Aileen Ahern, Eric Friendenberg Quintet, Beth Anne Cole, Chilko

  • 2019 Ferguson, Kevin

  • 2015 Glasper, Robert Covered (The Robert Glasper Trio recorded live at Capitol Studios)

  • 1974 Murphy, Mark Mark II

  • 2000 Oberlin, Karen My Standards

  • 2015 Rubén Fernández - Andreu Zaragoza featuring Carme Canela, Pau Domenech & Zamak Quartet Girassol

  • ? Schurr, Josh

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  • 2006 Shaw, Ian Drawn To All Things

  • 2015 Waddell, William