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Wild Things Run Fast
   Peter Herbert, ena, Wolfgang Mitterer & Koehne Quartett    2011
   Blok, Francine   1988
   Hannigan, Lisa   2004
   Isen, Richard    2000
   Olsen, Kristina   2010
   Wolf, Patrick   2010
Winter Lady
   Big Yellow Taxi   2008
   Mitchell, Chuck  
  Probably the first Joni cover
   Zack, Gary  
Woman Of Heart And Mind
   Antonioli, Laurie   2014
   Ashbrook, Daphne   2010
   Dee, Charlie   2009
   Hudl, Franziska  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Jakubowicz, Martyna   2013
  Polish Translation: Serce i głowa
   Kadoos   2014
  Translated to Dutch as "Vrouw Met Gevoel En Verstand"
   Riperton, Minnie   1981
   Skinner, Lynn   2012
   The Steve Klink Trio   2002
   Trash Can Sinatras   2003
   Wundrock, Tracy   2013
   3JS with Nick & Simon   2012
  Woodstock is a bonus track on the CD single
   A Bird That Whistles   1996
   Adriana   2008
   Alan Caddy Orchestra & Singers   1970
   Alan Tew Orchestra   1971
   Aldrich, Ronnie    1971
   Alexander & Noelle   1981
   Allen, Phil   1971
   America   2011
   Anomalie   2014
  Featuring Judith Little
   Anona Anjin San   2015
   Anthony, Karl   2002
   Antonini, Elisabetta    2014
   Artists In Resonance   1992
   Askins, Mary    1992
   Åsna, Bileams    2013
  Swedish language
   Austra   2011
  B-Side of "Lose It", 7" single included with 2-LP Set
   Avidya And The Kleshas    2014
   Bach, Lee   1977
  Recorded at Kaleidophon studios, London, for chicken-shit productions.
   Baker St. Philharmonic   1972
   BePop Septet  
   Beretmusic   1970
   Berge, Bjørn    2011
   Berk, Jason   2011
   Biagini, Ilaria    2013
   Biali, Laila   2007
   Big Country   1993
   Big Yellow Taxi   2002
   Bill Durst Band   2005
   Boland, Ettie    2012
   Breeze Babes  
   Brown, Wayne Roland   1974
   Bürgi, Silas   
  Audio from a YouTube video
   Bygrave, Rose   1999
   Calamity Jane   1998
   Campbell, Tracey   1997
   Cantarra   2009
  Cantarra, Canada's premier 4-woman a cappella group, is a rich blend of voice and percussion. Cantarra consists of Lee Hayes, Peggy White, Chris Fagan, and Saffron Bradbury.
   Cassidy, Eva   2000
   Cassidy, Eva   1994
   Cecilia & The Happy Hippies    2002
   Chapman, Kate   2009
   Chillage People   2001
   Cohen, Jonathan   1995
   Collins, Reina   2007
   Common Ground   1999
   Cornell, Dave & Gini Conard   1970
   Count Dee's Hit Explosion   2008
   Cowan, Sally  
   Crosby, Stills, & Nash   1994
   Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young   1969
   Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young   1970
   Cyril Ornadel Orchestra   1996
   Dan Nichols & Eighteen   2014
   Dayvis, Heather    2013
   De Kast & Venice  
   Dee, Charlie   2009
   Devavani   2013
   Die Erde   1989
   Discohymns   2010
   Distant Cousins    2002
   Divisi   2004
  University of Oregon A Capella
   Djelem Project   2008
   doa   2004
  Japanese Trio covering CSNY material
   Dolan, Kelley  
  Website download
   Dread Zeppelin  
   Dreamcatcher   2008
   Duo Latte   2005
   Dworsky, Richard   1992
   Easy Rider Band  
   Ebsen, Kiki   2010
   Erik Archbold & Laura Schopen   2013
   Euro Grass   1996
   Fagan, Kate   2010
  a Joni Mitchell tribute album by Australian folk
   Fairburn, Carlie    2013
   Fairport Convention   2004
   Ferraro, Damián    2013
   Fifth of Bourbon   2014
   Fisk, Steve   1980
   Five Way Street   2010
   Flor, Doug  
  Audio from a video on YouTube
   Foiled Again   2009
   Fraser, Brooke    2005
  Live recording, bonus track on CD single
   Fresh Cut Salads    2002
   Gabrielle, Anita   2004
   Gayle and Company   2002
  Download from website
   Ginjadan   2006
  Unreleased live performance
   Giulia Firpo 4tet   2011
   Givertz, Danny    2013
   Godfrey Daniel   1972
   Godfrey, Billie    2009
   Goldings, Larry & Trio   1999
   Goody Shack   2009
   Gov't Mule   2010
   Grace, Christie   2007
   Graham Blvd   2008
   Hall, Jane   1989
   Hammett-Vaughan, Kate   2007
  Included in a medley
   HannaH's Field    2010
   Haque, Fareed    1997
   Havens, Richie   2004
   Heather Maloney & Darlingside    2013
   Hedges, Michael  
  Live recording from 1983, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD. Michael Manring on bass.
   Heller, Sonya   2009
   Henning Olsen Band   2004
   Herron, Maggie   2010
   Hilton, Lisa   2009
   Hip Graffiti   2005
  Medley w/Fragile
   Hot Hits 3  
   Howle, Danielle   2002
   Hynd, Leanne    2006
  Leanne offers up (2) different versions of Woodstock on this CD, an Electric version (track 7) and an Acoustic version (track 16).
   Inasense   2000
  Inasense would become Soul Farm and release a live version of Woodstock under that band name.
   Iris Koch - Werner Tharandt   1980
  Recorded 1978-1980 live at various places in Nurnberg
   James Reyne & Mia Dyson    2006
   James, Adam   2013
   James, Keith   2006
   Jättner, Klas    2011
   Jensen, Rebecca    2002
   Johnson, Roger   2014
   Jolly, Lou   2006
  Audio from a video
   Julie Christensen and Stone Cupid   2007
   Kahn, George   2004
   Karma   1976
  Recorded in Finnish as "KESÄPÄIVÄ", translation by Liikanen Erkki Ilmari
   Kelly, Julie   2006
   Kimball, Bobby   1996
   Konkova, Olga   2009
   Kristiansen, Alice    2014
   Lahm, David   2001
   Lamajam   2000
   Lamun, Laura   2000
  Download from her website
   Lancton, Bill   2004
   Lea & Jon Carroll   2009
  CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore
   Led Zeppelin   1975
   Lehman, Ted  
  A medley with Big Yellow Taxi
   Leora Cashe & The Ross Taggart Trio    2007
   Leyton, Lucy   2001
   Liebman, Dave   2013
   Lil' Ellen and Thadeus  
   Little Caesar   2010
   London Pops Orchestra   1970
   Lopeman, Mark    2011
   Lukas Sunny Solace  
   Lutton, Mary Koth    2006
   Maria Pia De Vito, Danilo Rea,Enzo Pietropaoli, Aldo Romano   2005
   Marie, Hannah   2011
   Martone, Fabiana   2009
   Matthews Southern Comfort   1970
   Matthews, Iain   1991
  recorded live at the Bottom Line, NY, May 1988
   McOuat, Oona   2009
   Meazza, Max    2013
   Merritt, Tift   2008
   Metro, Charlie    2013
   Mhmm   2008
   Michel, Jane   1997
  Live - download from fansite
   Mike the Swan   2005
   Miles, Barry   1972
   MKG    2014
  feat. Jhelisa Anderson
   Molenaar, Jerney    2006
  Download from website
   Monica Guareschi Group   1995
   Montes, Marguerite   2010
   Moore, Kathy   2007
   Morrau, Sarah   2008
   Mosole, Gianluca   1994
   Motel Westcoast   2007
   My Father's Hammer    2011
   Nanaco   1996
   Nanaco, Sato  
   New Era  
   Nick Vernier Band   2009
  Featuring Iain Matthews
   Norton, Denise   1999
   Oscar   2005
   Otero, Florencia   2012
   Otway, John   1992
   Paris, Genevieve   1978
   Patchy Fogg   1975
   Paul Kaufman and Folks About Town  
   Pavey, Celia   2013
  Performance on "The Voice" (Australia)
   Phillips, Barry    2010
   Ponder, Carol   2000
   Prevost, Kim and Bill Solley   2002
   Raider, Nat  
   Raitt, Bonnie   1971
   Raknes, Steiner   2012
   Repairs   1974
   Retail Snail   2000
  Jemima Price
   Ritter, Leslie & Scott Petito    2001
   Rob Tyre & Aaron Wallace   2014
   Robin Adler & Dave Blackburn   2007
  Live recording from 07/21 Joni Mitchell Tribute concert
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2010
   Roggen, Live Marie & Lars Andreas Haug   1998
   Rosanes, Tamra   2012
   Roy Peters And Friends  
   Runaway Express   2007
   Ryder, Anna   1990
   Sand, Ida   2015
   Sands, Ginger   2010
   Sauer, Philipp    2011
   Scintilla, Kalya    2012
   Scott, Tom   1971
   Screen Trip   1970
   Scruggs, Gary & Randy Scruggs   1970
   Severson, Jeff   2011
   Shadows and Light  
   Shiratori, Emiko   2001
   Siggi Schwarz & The Rock Legends   2005
  Superband consisting of Chris Thompson, Michael Schenker, Steve Lukather, Geoff Whitehorn, and Alex Conti
   Sight and Sound   1971
   Sing-In Boulder  
  Boulder High School Folk Song Club
   Skylark   1973
  Audio from a video - 1973 broadcast of "Midnight Special".
   Slean, Sarah  
  Live performance
   Slean, Sarah   2007
  Unreleased performance with the CBC Orchestra
   Smith, Sara   1974
   Some Brave Apollo  
   Something Extra   1991
   Sonido Electrico   1972
  From Spain (English language)
   Soulfarm   2000
   Spin Doctors   1994
   Spring Fever  
   Stone, Mike   2011
   Sunshine, Mellie   2014
   Sutton, Tierney    2013
   Suzanne M. Sheridan & And the Suzanne Sheridan Band   2012
   Sweet Harmony   2004
   Syracuse University Marching Band  
   Tatyana Balakirsky & Alex Nadjarov   2008
   Taylor, James   1997
   Taylor, James   2011
   Tello, Anne   2015
   The Assembled Multitude   1969
   The BB Band   2000
   The Bird Sisters   1990
   The Bruce Baxter Set   1970
   The Bully Boys Band  
   The Care Package   1970
   The Crawfords - Mario Cavallero Et Son Orchestre  
   The Eden Rocs   1979
  From Greece
   The English Group  
  B-side of "I'll Be There" Sleeve shows "The Inglish Group"
   The Escape Committee   2005
   The Hit Crew   2003
   The Joni Mitchell Project   2014
   The Killers   1971
  From Uruguay; a Bonus Track on the 2005 CD release of their 1972 LP
   The Michael Raitzyk Trio   2003
   The Pete Barenbregge/Frank Russo Group   2003
   The Piddletown Brothers   2013
   The Retro Rockets  
  Download from Band Website
   The Rock Gods   2010
   The Soundbytes   2000
   The Soundtations   1971
   The Stanford University Marching Band  
   The Woodies   1994
   The Young Brothers  
  Form Myspace website
   Thompson, Patrick   2004
   Thompson, Richard   2000
   Tichá Dohoda   1993
   Tilmann Höhn, Annette Marquard, & Kate Nelson   2010
   Tom Lum Forest   2014
   Tony Evans Band   2010
   Toran, Arthur  
  Dutch-language version
   Törnfeldt, Gunilla  
   Tuck and Patti   1994
   Tyler, Kevin   2008
  Live version of Woodstock at a benefit for The Literacy Centre in Imlay City, Michigan - the concert was held in Almont, Michigan
   van Nunen, Patricia   2001
  19:19 is a collaboration between singer Patricia Van Nunen, bass player Dirk Christiaansen and poet Roger Nupie who reads his own poetry. Patricia Van Nunen sings four songs, including two Joni Mitchell covers: "Blue" & "Woodstock". The album was recorded in Belgium on July 27, 2001.
   Venice   2000
   Vox One   2005
   W.O.W.   1992
   West, David   2000
   Wheezetones   2007
  Audio from a YouTube video
   Will Taylor And Strings Attached   2007
   Williams, John   1984
   Williams, Keller   
  Keller Williams July 2, 2009 The Ranch Arena Stage Rothbury Festival 2009 Rothbury, MI
   Wise, Mark   2002
   Witness   2003
   Wolf, Eugene   2009
   Wonder, Stevie   2000
   Woodstock The Story   2013
  Band: Matthijs van Noort, Martin van der Starre, Muriel te Loo, Thomas Meeuwis, David Aferiat, Kobus Groen, Tim Beudel, Door Raeymaekers
   Yaschur III, John    2014
   Young, David   2007
   Zervas and Pepper   2014
  Live performance - A medley with 4+20 (Stills)
   Αγάπανθος    1976
  Recorded in Greek as "Το Ταξίδι Της Ζωής". Agapanthos (Greek:Αγαπανθος) is the flower "Lily of the Nile" and literally translates as "love flower" = αγάπη (agape) = love + άνθος (anthos) = flower. The track is called "To Taxidi Tis Zois" (Greek:Το ταξίδι της ζωής) which means "the journey of life":