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Urge For Going
   A Bird That Whistles   1996
   Adams, Julie    1997
   Agranoff, Mike    2014
   Barwick, Bill   1993
   Bikel, Theo    1969
   Bilides, Sophia   2006
  Performed as a medley with "Hot Buttered Rum"
   Black, Mary   1991
   Bloom, Luka    2000
   Bradley, Sharon   1982
   Brown, Erinn   1999
   Brown, Suzie   2012
   Burhenn, Laura   2009
  CD release of live concert, August 14, 2008 at The Music Center at Strathmore
   Cantor, David    2007
   Cat Sank Trio   2003
   Chupity, Lisa   2009
   Circle 'round the Sun  
   Claire, Kathryn    2014
   Colvin, Shawn   1975
   Courage Of Lassie   1994
   Cox, Danny  
   Dan Aitken And Friends   2004
   David Crosby & Graham Nash   1991
  Originally recorded in 1971, released on 1991 Box Set.
   Dean, Christopher   2013
   DeCotiis, Katherine  
  Audio from Artist's MySpace site
   Eddie Nuenning & Lara Schallenberg   2007
   Foehammer   1970
  Recorded but never released
   Foiled Again   2014
   Hamill, Claire    1971
   Hamilton IV, George   1967
   Hasson, Gemma   1975
   Hazlewood, Lee   1973
   Holstein, Fred   2007
  A posthumously-released live performance by Fred in 1969 at the legendary Chicago folk club, The Earl Of Old Town.
   Hot Toddy  
   Jordan, Bob   2010
   Kaffenberger, Bill    2005
   Kennedy   1999
   Kuhr, Lenny   1972
  Also released as a B-side: A Side: "This Little Song Of Joy", Philips Cat # 6012 130
   Lawsing, Courtney  
   Lee, Robin   1968
  B-Side of "To Hell With Love"
   Loconsolo-Taylor, Kathy  
   Lovett, Marcus   2014
   Lydia Fortune & Company   2003
   MacNeil, Madeline    2000
   Malloy, R.J.    2007
   Martin, Charlotte   2007
   Miller, Jody   1968
   Moon, Lynsey    2012
   Morian, Marge   1969
   Moseley, Phil    2014
   Murphy's Law   2013
   Nelson, Ron  
  Rare unreleased recording from the LOST DOG album. Ron Nelson: guitars, keyboards, bass. Maddy Schenkel: vocals, percussion Sarah McEachern: trumpet.
   R. Michael Torrey   2000
   Raphaël Imbert, Marion Rampal, Pierre Fenichel, Paul Elwwod   2014
   Restless Wind   2003
  Download from website
   Rice, Tony   1988
   Roberts, Terry  
   Robin & Linda Williams   2013
   Rothenberg, Jeff   2015
   Rush, Tom   1968
   Rush, Tom   1982
   Rush, Tom   1966
   Sauce   2002
   Sciaky, Carla   1985
   Scott, Darrell   2008
   Seanachie   1996
   Shane   1970
  (New Zealand) His second album, produced by Peter Dawkins, with the Pleazers' guitarist Bruce Robinson assisting
   Side By Side  
  From Dick Cerri's Music Americana Showcases
   Smith, Kathryn   2010
   Soden, Bill  
   Steele, Jae C.   2012
   Suzanne M. Sheridan & And the Suzanne Sheridan Band   2012
   The Bards   1971
   The Dog Run Boys   1997
   The Johnstons   1968
   The Loons   2000
   The P.D.U.S.M.   1967
   Theriot, Lisa   2001
   Toran, Arthur  
  Dutch-language version
   Townsend, John   1977
   Travis   1999
   Tribe   2002
   Van Ronk, Dave   1971
   Vertisi, Janet  
   Whiteley, Ken   2010
   Whyton, Wally    1968
   Wundrock, Tracy   2013