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Man From Mars
   Dankworth, Jacqui   2003
   Khan, Chaka    2000
   Laurent Cugny Lumière    2001
   Polifka, Steve   2000
   Sanborn, David   2003
   Vigard, Kristen   1996
Man To Man
   Fabio Ranza & Elisabetta Zamberlan   2002
   Peter Herbert, ena, Wolfgang Mitterer & Koehne Quartett    2011
   Alberstein, Chava   
  Unreleased recording; translated and sung in Hebrew
   Anne Sofie von Otter and Brad Mehldau    2010
   Antonioli, Laurie   2014
   Ashdown, Doug   1969
   Fairport Convention   1995
  recorded 18 June 1968 for David Symonds show & broadcast c. 24 June 1968
   Fox, Lauren   2013
   Held, Pablo    2013
   Iris Koch - Werner Tharandt   1980
  Recorded 1978-1980 live at various places in Nurnberg
   Mehldau, Brad   2013
  Unreleased live instrumental recording
   RoadKnight, Margret   1973
   Sylvia   2002
   The Johnstons   1969
   Volker Niehusmann & Christiane Weber   1997
   Wager, Penny   1972
Michael From Mountains
   Arthur, Pat   1977
   Bernay, Laura   2012
   Blaquiere, Debra    2001
   Bobby & I   1968
   Caputo, Valeria  
   Collins, Judy   1968
   Colter, Trish & Paul Reed   1997
   Copland, Marc   2009
   Finley, Denise Jordan   1986
   Fox, Lauren   2013
   Freund, James C    2003
   Geraldine   1971
   Hartman, JoAnne  
   Howard, John   2009
   Irelan, David  
   Jenoure, Terry   2004
   Kennedy, Brian   2013
   LaManna, Steve   1997
   Leora Cashe & The Ross Taggart Trio    2007
   Linda and Tim  
  Most likely from the Baltimore, MD area - they credit two songs to Peter Kimos, "talented young Baltimore composer".
   Losey, Elaine Merrill   2004
   MacNeil, Madeline   1993
   Mendis, Melody  
   Moscow, Annie   2007
   Repairs   1971
   Repairs   1974
   Silver, Wood and Ivory   2002
  Cindy Keller Wittenberg and Tracy Dietrich
   Simon, Fred    2000
   Situm, Steve  
   Sue & Sunny   1970
   Szabo, Gabor    1969
   Titus, Libby  
   Volker Niehusmann & Christiane Weber   1997
   White Rose   1975
Midnight Cowboy
   Leace, Donal   1972
  Written by Joni for the film of the same name - was not used in the film. Produced by Roberta Flack; Keith Jarrett plays on several tracks.
Moon At The Window
   Dyer, Penny   1998
   Fabio Ranza & Elisabetta Zamberlan   2002
   Fisher, Cheryl  
   Friederich, Renata    2002
   Jenson, Mary   2011
   Lemper, Ute   2005
  Included in a medley with "Moondance"
   Moerman, Patrice   2013
   Peter Herbert, ena, Wolfgang Mitterer & Koehne Quartett    2011
   Rachel Z Trio   2002
   Shaw, Ian   2006
Morning Morgantown
   Anu   1972
  Sung in Estonian as"Hommik, Vaikelinn"
   Berg, Stein Ove   1975
  Recorded in Norwegian as "Morgen i var by"
   Carow, Anna   2012
   David Snellbacher & Nancy Lindskog  
  Audio from Artist website
   Dorren, Lexie   2012
   Frank, Nyle   1988
   Jude   2003
   Kim Portnoy Trio   2004
   Kipyn Martin & Allison Shapira   2015
   Little Gas   2006
   Lorencová, Zdenka    1975
  Recorded in Czech as "Ranní msto znám "
   Luca, Laura   1979
  Recorded in Italian as "Mani su di me"; translation by D. Pieretti
   Lundeen, Tricia  
   Mae, Lily  
   Malone, Tony   1992
   McAteer, Liz    2004
   McDowell, Seona   1978
   Molly Tuttle & John Mailander   2014
   Phillips, Neal    2007
   Rachman-German, Stav  
  Audio from Artist MySpace site
   Restless Wind   2004
  Download from website
   Simpson, Kathy   2014
   Sweet Silver  
   The Travellers   1971
   Wearedust   2009
My Old Man
   Alberstein, Chava   
  Unreleased recording; translated and sung in Hebrew
   Beddini, Eleanora    2013
   Douglas, Dave    1998
   Elixir   2011
   Hersch, Fred   1999
   Jahn, Ariane  
  Audio from Artist's MySpace site
   Kirke   1998
   Maggie Hollinbeck & Graham Sobelman   2014
   Maria Pia De Vito   2007
   Nereide   2010
   Nowosad, Curtis    2012
   Palivela, Bharathi    2012
   Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet   2011
   Sandbloom, Kevin   2011
  Title changed to "My Old Lady"
   Skinner, Lynn   2012
   Tartalia, Allison    2012
   The Butterbean Jazz Quartet   2009
   Tutino, Lorenza   
  From artist website
   Wiernik, Barbara    2009
   Wilborn, Steven   2010
   Zwi, Savannah   2012
My Secret Place
   Duff, Owen   2008