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1969.08.01 Joni's next appearance Atlantic City Pop Festival — Atlantic City Race Track Atlantic City, NJ

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  • From the LA Free Press
  • PETERSTUPAR.COM Joni Mitchell at the Atlantic City Pop Festival
  • PETERSTUPAR.COM Joni Mitchell at the Atlantic City Pop Festival
  • Photo by Gene Wishnia

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JohnA on

Unfortunately, this AC Pop Festival concert was the only time I saw Joni Mitchell perform. As I recall it, she did 4 songs, then left the stage. Ugh. Now I see that Luke in his comment below provides his part of the story, i.e., possibly why she up and left. The music review in the Inquirer the following day had a headline saying in part "sad Joni splits." Oh well.

pomgado on

I remember it was getting near dusk and I was laying on a grassy slope when Joni took the stage. I was a few hundred feet away so I couldn't see what was going on but Joni looked upset and kept leaving and coming back onstage before she disappeared. She was wearing that brilliant emerald green dress that I've seen in so many 1969 videos of her. I remember thinking "what in the world happened to Joni Mitchell?" As the years have gone by, I have become increasingly amazed by her work. One moment, so strong, the next moment, so vulnerable.

taojones on

i was finding a good spot close to the stage i wanted to see dr john and procol harum there was joni trying to play and thank god john from ny fessed up . not only did he upset joni he pissed off frank zappa who said to us since all we were here for was the "hard stuff" the mothers would only play one song so they laid down an amazing 20 minute jam and walked off! procol harum were great and dr john had his horns and feathers and tall girl singers and sprinkled a lot of gris gris. Its sad that we can't write a note directly to joni here. i was once told that i had the soul of a hermit by a taoist .i freaked and said i was not living in a cave! and he said a modern hermit hides within society . if i could get a note to joni i would say "i know you,through your smoke signals though we are in different caves and you have been good company on the path for these 45 years. bless you for your efforts, thank you. I'm going to skate away now! "   [ed.]

John_NY on

Always a Joni fan, I was at AC pop festival, when Joni (as Luke said), walked off. I've had never been at a performance where so much of the audience seemed to not care about either the performers or their neighbors. Shortly after Joni walked off, I had to escape from the crowd right in front of the stage. A few weeks later I was at Woodstock...such a different experience. I remember AC Festival as the one where Joni walked off and the last concert that was small enough to actually get up close, even talk to the performers. Most people I tell about this simply can't believe me.

Luke on

I thought i had posted to this event . To my great regrets i was the one (the young guy with the big mouth) That was trying to tell Joni to turn the system up , no one could hear her. She said and looked right at me and said , IF YOU DONT GET THAT GUY TO STOP YELLING AND BEING LOUD I AM WALKING OFF. WELL OFF SHE WENT . JONI ONCE AGAIN I AM SORRY. Wow. Once again , i was being loud ( typing in CAPS ) sorry , once again Joni. I tried to tell you i was sorry at the Wild Things tour once in Philly and once in NYC . But your husband at the time and another guy came between us at the time. I was the 'little boy' in green Chords' from the 2nd Fret and the Main Point , who sat there with stars in his blue / green eyes , always making tea . Peace LUKE