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1969.07.20 Joni's next appearance South Shore Music Circus Cohasset, MA

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dontwannascreenname on

It was a wonderful show - the first of many times that I would see Joni in concert. She took a break as Apollo 11 was about to land on the moon so the audience could watch on one of the TV monitors that were set up around the venue. I didn't realize that I had become separated from the group of friends with whom I attended the concert. The person next to me said "Isn't this cool? So unbelievable." I turned and looked into those big beautiful blue eyes beneath blond bangs - it was Joni standing alone right next to me. We talked about the moon landing like a couple of school kids and watched the TV until the newsman announced the touchdown. She then said something to the effect that "That was exciting-now I have to get back to work." We smiled at one another and I admit 42 years later that I've had a crush on Joni since that day...  [ed.]

janemurphy on

On the heels of the Newport show. We were just giddy to be hearing her again...and so close to home! Moon landing, history being made, our history just starting. I remember that Joni became very sad and had to take a pretty long break. Cactus Tree seemed to choke her up. Now I understand, after many loves myself. I marvel now how a young woman could know so much so early, and have to wonder about the wellspring of creativity. And there was the green dress again!

jis010 on

The day of the moon landing. Concert in the round. She was always around to talk to after a show. Amazing concert and amazing young lady