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1969.07.22 Joni's next appearance The Music Shed at Tanglewood Lenox, MA

Tim Hardin and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band also performed.

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  • Berkshire Eagle, Pittsfield, MA.
July 19, 1969
  • Joni Mitchell and Tim Hardin at Tanglewood during the  encore.
  • Tim Hardin and Joni Mitchell backstage at Tanglewood
  • Photo by Peter Corrigan
  • Photo by Peter Corrigan

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tdavidp on

I was one of the 9,187 in the crowd for this concert. I came with friends to see Paul Butterfield, but couldn't wait for Joni to come on. I was smitten by her the first time I heard Song to a Seagull, and the romance has lasted through all her (and my) incarnations. I saw her again in Atlanta on her Both Sides Now tour a few years ago, and shook hands with her as she was leaving the stage. Joni has no equal in my mind. She is the DaVinci of our age.

babysonar on

Joni Mitchell was my all time favorite female singer/songwriter! Seeing her was magical! The Music Shed in Tanglewood was the perfect setting.
My friend Vera and I gathered the courage to meet her after her show.
She was so real and connected in person like her music.
We floated home.1969

plectroman on

I was there to see Butterfield, knew Tim Hardin, didn't know Joni. She was on second, before Butterfield, and against my will as a hardcore blues and jazz fan I was seduced charmed and won over!