News Item

The Joni Project, WFUV-FM, November 6 and 7.

Posted November 03, 2020

Just in time for her birthday, we are very proud to present you with The Joni Project, and it premieres this Friday, November 6 at noon EST on WFUV.

Now, asking artists to cover a Joni Mitchell song throws a daunting challenge their way. On top of the complexity of her work, to pay tribute to Joni is to honor her art, and a life spent making it. With that request, we also invited artists to discuss the threads and reach of Joni’s greatness, both as a relatable inspiration and a creative enigma. So in The Joni Project, you’ll hear them answer that call in words and song.

Another challenge is life in a pandemic, so it’s with extra gratitude that we thank the 10 artists whose talent and heart you’ll hear. Some sounds are from the days of in-person shows and some come from artists’ homes, but bringing us all together is Joni Mitchell.

If you can't join in and listen on Friday, November 6 at noon, The Joni Project will also air on WFUV on Saturday, November 7 (Joni's birthday) at 3 p.m. and Sunday, November 8 at 8 p.m., and will be archived online following the premiere. More information here.