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Joni Mitchell

New Critical Readings

by Ruth Charnock [Bloomsbury Academic - 2019]
ISBN-13: 9781501332098
ASIN: 1501332090

Joni Mitchell: New Critical Readings recognizes the importance and innovativeness of the musician and artist Joni Mitchell and the need for a collection that theorizes her work as musician and composer, cultural commentator and antagonist. It showcases work by leading and early career academics from the fields of popular music and literary studies on subjects such as Mitchell's guitar technique, the politics of aging in her work, and her often fraught relationship with feminism.

The collection provides a range of entry points into thinking about Mitchell's work that will appeal to the long-time fan, the connoisseur, the scholar, and the new listener. It uniquely approaches Mitchell's oeuvre through themes of politics, affect, technique, and Mitchell's cultural milieu. Each section features focused readings of particular songs, albums, performances, and moments from Mitchell's work, whilst also paying keen attention to Mitchell's wider cultural contribution and significance.

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