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Now Joni is Down to Earth Print-ready version

by David Gritten
Birmingham Evening Mail
December 18, 1976
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Joni Mitchell: “Hejira” (Asylum). Another exquisite album from the lady who is arguably the most talented lyricist in contemporary music. It marks a return in her writing to the eternal problems of her relationships, which she abandoned temporarily for the grander themes on her last album “The Hissing of Summer Lawns”.

This may not have that album’s studied brilliance, but it is far more approachable and listenable. The long “Song for Sharon” reflections on her younger days, her hometown and the marriage trap, typifies the album. And “Blue Motel Room” is a straightforward, warm love song, with her growing ability as a jazz singer in evidence.

I find her one of the most reliable talents in music as well as one of the most thoughtful writers. “Hejira” is an album that will not disappoint one of her followers.

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