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More musical jewels, from Joni Mitchell Print-ready version

Honolulu Advertiser
December 11, 1976
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Her ethereal quality continues to make Joni Mitchell one of the true larks in the business today, and the arrival of "Hejira" (Asylum 7E1087) again demonstrates the artistry and wizardry of this musical jewel.

Mitchell's ingratiating style again highlights a nifty set of hypnotic songs, blending country, folk, and jazz elements. Her voice is like velvet - smooth and silky - and like leather - durable and rich.

And her songs speak of life and living - epitomized in the likes of "Black Crow," "Song for Sharon," "Blue Motel Room," and "Coyote." And they are delicate, spirited, indelible.

The title tune - I knew you'd ask - is also a gemstone. It is an Arabic word that stands for journey towards self-knowledge.

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