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by Charlie Frick
East Village Other
April 1, 1970
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There are two kinds of people that i know of, Those who dig Joni Mitchell and those who haven't heard her yet., but then again i dont know too many people who dont like her. She is tremendous in every aspect of performance, artistry, song writing and The Perpetuity of the dream. All she really does is sing and play the guitar. She writes all her own songs too. Maybe youve heard some of her work. A lot of other artists have adapted her songs to their owny style. Maybe youve heard some of them. Her long-awaited 3rd album is out on Reprise. No. RS6376..

Ladies Of The Canyon
Joni Mitchel

The Circle Game is on this album, she wrote it a long time ago. The thing about her music is that its really easy to hear the words. That sort of thing isn't done in most of the contemporary music that is available to you.

Her second album was called CLOUDS Reprise No RS6341. It contains Chelsea Morning, and Both Sides Now. I get a funny kind of rushing sometimes in the back of my mind listening to her sing. Theres something that you can remember from some other place, or some other time..Its like life, flowing thru you as you flow thru it..

Her first album, its just called Joni Mitchell. It's got real low volume on it. Its got to be quiet when you listen to it, down deep inside where the person that is you stays. The first side is "I came to the city" This side is all about a place that i see every time i forget.. There's a song about a cab driver and an air port. One of the characters on the first side leaves at the end of her song. She went west. I think maybe she took a train. The second side is all about, "Out of the city and down to the seaside." Its a collection of songs about that other place. And one or two love songs thrown in here and there..Joni Mitchel just might be the top female voice of the Dream Yourself a better world contest.

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