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Old Grey Whistle Test, April 24, 1983

Videotaped at Wembley Arena on the afternoon of April 24, 1983 without an audience present. Broadcast on the Old Grey Whistle Test — BBC 2 TV London, England on 1983.06.19

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RQM on

I love it when she puts in her very private piece of life in all her songs. I love her sincere honesty. And admire her courage in inserting a bit of truth from her pain for all of us to ponder. This song is now all Joni! I can not see anyone singing this beautiful piece. I am so proud to share the same birthdate as hers > November 7.

fogelberg on

I just love this song, so much.

Bruce_Thompson on

I love this song... it is the best!

PM on

Is it just me or is this a great performance of a great song?