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Mississippi River Festival — Southern Illinois Univ. Edwardsville, IL, July 7, 1969

Joni and Arlo Guthrie were the featured performers in a concert filmed by NET TV. The Aug. 3 broadcast was titled The Sounds Of Summer - Mississippi River Festival. The Sounds of Summer program was "a series of cultural events showcased every week" on NET stations that ran from Sunday, June 1st 1969 to Sunday, September 28th 1969.

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1final56 on

soft blankets lay on green as we gently inhaled each moment. Then Joni, under a bright starry sky, musically reached out with sweet notes that lifted us up to the bright twinkling stars above. Mississippi River Festival *sending this out as a tweet Joni, my touchstone

mylifeisyourlifeloveandpeace on

It didn't let me finish..,,I hope you have an awesome holiday and belated Happy Birthday! Cannot say enough good about you. Thank you!

mylifeisyourlifeloveandpeace on

Joni, you blow me away! You have balls and that say a lot! Love you, your music, your art, and most important being a woman who speaks up! I am too and thank you! Proud to have you on my side. My mother is your age and your daughter is my age, I feel so much in common. Ii too am born under the sign if Cancer. I am ever so grateful have you as part of my