A Chronology of Appearances

This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
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1994.10.24 Joni's next appearance Ruth Bloom Art Gallery Santa Monica, CA

Reprise held a Turbulent Indigo record release ‘meet & greet’.
Invited guests and the press could view more than thirty of
Joni’s paintings while listening to the new album.

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  • Joe Medwick, Joni and backup singer Rosemary Butler at Joni's <b><i>Turbulent Indigo</i></b> record release party and art show in Santa Monica.
  • Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar.<br>
<i>Jimi went before he was finished. Every time you change you have a new period. Jimi was ready for his next period but the audience was rejecting him.</i> - Joni<p><i>Last Call</i> film/photo by Jason Goodman.
  • Flaming June Revisited<br><i>Last Call</i> film/photo by Jason Goodman.
  • <i>Last Call</i> film/photo by Jason Goodman.
  • Background veiw of Joni's Van Gogh-style self-portrait, Turbulent Indigo.<br>
<i>Last Call</i> film/photo by Jason Goodman.
  • <i>Last Call</i> film/photo by Jason Goodman.
  • <i>Last Call</i> host and panelist, Elvis Mitchell, interviews Joni.<br><i>Last Call</i> film/photo by Jason Goodman.
  • <i>Last Call</i> host & panelist and NPR Film Critic Elvis Mitchell interviews Joni at the Ruth Bloom Art Gallery featuring some of her artwork.<br><i>Last Call</i> film/photo by Jason Goodman.
  • Joni's gallery opening was featured on <i><b>Last Call</i></b>, a late night CBS TV Series executive produced by Brandon Tartakoff. Produced and Photographed by Jason Goodman.
  • Turbulent Indigo Santa Monica [RonLosAngeles]
  • Turbulent Indigo Santa Monica photos by Ron Frederick [RonLosAngeles]

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