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1990.07.21 Joni's next appearance The Wall—Live In Berlin—Potsdamer Platz Berlin, Germany

Joni joined an international cast of musicians at a benefit
concert in support of "The Memorial Fund for Disaster Relief", on the
site of the recently toppled Berlin wall. The concert
was later released on CD, VideoTape, LaserDisc and DVD.

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  • Larry Klein, Joni, and Bryan Adams
  • Joni Performing.  Photo by Andre Csillag.  
  • program [thomas27]
  • Rehearsals
  • Soundcheck
  • Photo by Brian Harris [Siquomb]

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In the spring of 1990, Joni received an invitation from Roger Waters to join him in a re-staging of his epic "The Wall" at the site of the now torn down Berlin wall. Roger suggested a song to Joni that he wanted her to perform in the upcoming concert, but she told him she'd prefer to do a different one. He agreed and re-arranged the line-up of singers and songs to accommodate her. Joni also requested that she be sent a tape of the backing tracks so she could practice.

The concert "Roger Waters' The Wall : Live In Berlin" was held on July 21, 1990 and included guest singers and musicians such as Sinead O'Connor, Van Morrison, Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Adams, Paul Carrack of Mike and the Mechanics, the Band, the Scorpions, etc. This was certainly an all-star event.

Joni was joined onstage by flutist James Galway, performing a haunting "Goodbye, Blue Sky" with a pre-recorded backing track. She also reappeared at the finale and sang a few solo lines for "The Tide Is Turning" clustered with Sinead O'Connor, Thomas Dolby and Bryan Adams at one side of an elevated platform.