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1983.05.04  Alte Oper  Frankfurt, Germany

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Barb on 2011-Jun-12 at 20:39:33 GMT-5:
I remember Joni Mitchell starting the concert standing behind a curtain and playing her great guitartunes. Then she walked on stage and started singing. It was amazing. I was 24 years old and today in 2011, I am still a great fan. I am just back from a holiday in crete. I've been in Matala, were she once wrote the song Carey. There was a hippie revival festival in june 2011 and some people said perhaps she would come but this was an old hippie-dream, I guess.
Erwin on 2010-Jul-13 at 15:00:11 GMT-5:
Joni's concert in Frankfurt (Old Opera) was organized by "Mama Concerts" and I drove the very same day from Bonn to Frankfurt.
It was a cold winter before (like this one happened in Germany [2010]) and it was lovely to see "spring in the ditches". The tour was labeled as "Chinese Cafe" and each listener received at the entrance a button and a booklet (which I could post; the button I lost).

I took some pictures shots during the concert; which -- sorry for the quality/could do better -- were difficult to make (Kodachrome and B&W! - scanned); since I was sitting in the first floor (= Empore).

At that time I was completely Joni Mitchell'ed - so I am still.
She's a gift.

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Kleinbear on 2009-Sep-07 at 01:53:39 GMT-5:
I remember standing in line at the ticket-office when I almost fainted as I read that Joni Mitchell was planning to give a concert at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt. Although I was just 20 years at that time and didn't earn much money I immediately bought a ticket. When the concert took place I sat there with tears in my eyes, totally beamed away! It was just great! After the show, when the lights already had been turned on, Joni appeared once more on stage, holding a cup of coffee in her hands and saying us goodbye. I have no idea if she played another song because the person I've been with urged me to go home. I had bought a bunch of red roses which I planned to bring Joni personally, but I was too nervous to do so. I gave it to one of the roadies and asked him to hand it over to Joni. I had put a note with my address with the roses in hope to hear from Joni personally. But unfortunately I didn't.