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1983.05.03 Joni's next appearance CCH - Congress Centrum Hamburg Hamburg, Germany

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Hesl on

I had similar feeling during the concert - I was a bit disappointed about how Joni did not talk to the audience. But nevertheless it was one of the best concerts I've heard and seen in all my live - although "Wild Things" is not one of my favourite Albums. But it was Joni Mitchell playing live with a band of great musicians. And I still love her music.

olivershh on

Yes indeed Joni only once gave a word to the audience and I still have her words in mind: "I don't know any German, 'Danke' is all I know...so...we just play for you tonight, ok? Danke!" - I too came to the concert expecting more interaction with the audience (most of german concert-goers understand very well the English language), but what really thrilled me that night was the exquisite sound of the band in that congress hall which is known for very difficult acoustics...and I remember very rocking versions of "Refuge in the Roads" and "Song for Sharon" ... the band was not the quality of the Pat Metheny Group on "Shadows and Light", (what's a Larry Klein beneath the late great Jaco!) but very tight in playing their stuff. Most exciting was a stunning version of "Woodstock" as the only encore, which she played unaccompanied and similar to the "Shadows and Light" Version, but much more expressive - possibly due to her bronchitis ("the curse of a chain smoker", she mentioned in a radio-interview the same day). Sadly it's been the last performance of Joni's in Germany as far as my informations go...and it's really been a long time since then!  [ed.]  [ed.]  [ed.]

Laoweng on

I drove more than 200km to see Joni Mitchell in concert, in Hamburg. As to my memory she played most of the songs of her then recent record - Wild things run fast - in quite a loud and rocking manner, but I missed some more of the songs of her records before that.
And yes, she appeared quite - distanced. There was hardly any word to the audience. As to her excuse I read later that she had caught a cold during those days and knowing this, I rather appreciate her appearance and her singing even more. She could as well have cancelled that tour date!

lionhill on

I was 17 years old and a huge Joni-Fan. The ticket for this concert was quite expensive for me, but I bought it anyway: second row, middle seat - I wanted to see her from the very best position.
When she stepped on stage, I started to cry... I was so thrilled to see my biggest star from this distance. Joni said "Hi Hamburgers", laughed - not very kindly - and started her show.
Unfortunately, during the whole concert, she acted quite arrogant: she never talked to the audience or even looked at the people - she just kept on singing and playing her guitar - and kissing her bass-player, whom I did not like at all.
When the concert was over, I felt very disturbed and sad: something in me had died! I used to think, that Joni was very kind, very friendly - and now I had to find out, that she didn't act like that at all! My feelings were hurt and I started to cry again, but this time in anger and in pain.
During the next weeks, I listend less and less to her music, during the following years, I wasn't interested in new albums any more.
Sometimes I wish, I'd have never seen this concert, so I would have been able to keep on adoring Joni and her wonderful music.
*big sigh*