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1976.11.11 Joni's next appearance The Tower Theater Philadelphia, PA

Joni, accompanied by Jaco Pastorius and Bobbye Hall,
performed at a benefit concert held for The Main Point
coffeehouse. Two shows

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  • Tom Rush, Joni, Gene Shay, Ed Sciaky, Joni's road manager & Michael Tearson (seated) backstage at The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA.
  •  [Siquomb]
  • Joni flew in from the West Coast to play the Benefit [Siquomb]
  • The Main Point 14th Anniversary Magazine cover [Siquomb]


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JimHartman on

It was a great occasion to finally see Joni up close at the Tower in Upper Darby,Pa.I was 30 at the time and felt transported onto the stage as if a telescopic lense was on me.Very magical.And I had not had anything to drink or smoke that evening.Joni's words and lyrics and voice have always amazed me,she speaks to the deepest part.Later years I would fly to Chicago to see her with the full orchestra and walk up close at the end and yet this was one of her greatest plays.Thanks

Paradise on

It seems like yesterday when Joni supported the Main Event...I guess I'm the lucky one as I bought a ticket and ended up in the front row stage right. Soon guitars appeared and a stool right in front of me...You know what I experienced after that the set of a lifetime...

My first concert was the Stones 1972 at the Spectrum front row center stage. Mick threw a bucket of water on my brother, me and our girlfriends and then went back for another bucket and poured it onto himself...

Those were the good old days :-)

JonWavrek on

When it was announced Joni was playing the Main Point Benefit I immedately got tickets.I had never seen Joni live before & while it wasn't a Joni Mitchell concert I was thrilled to have the chance to finally see her. As it turned out a 2nd show was added. Because there were now 2 shows and a curfew to deal with by the time Joni got on to do her set (as headliner) there were time limitations and the set was shorter than it would have been with only one show.While the set was short it was still brilliant and I had a great time.Joni played with Jaco Pastorious & Bobbye Hall.I will never forget seeing two of the greatest artists & favorites of mine (Joni & Jaco)on the same stage.The Main Point was a great little club & it was terrific that an artist of Joni's stature would step up and help out.A great night.