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1976.02.19 Joni's next appearance The Music Hall Boston, MA

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  • Ticket Stub for Joni and the LA Express.
  • Photo by Ron Pownall
  • Photo by Ron Pownall
  • Photo by Ron Pownall
  • Photo by Ron Pownall
  • Photo by Ron Pownall
  • Photo by Ron Pownall
  • Photo by Ron Pownall
  • Photo by Ron Pownall/Getty Images

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bobbyhaines on

This is a show I remember distinctly. I was living in Boston, working in the music business, and Victoria Feldman (keyboards in LA Express) graciously invited me to the show. I was, and still am, a HUGE fan of Joni's music. In '76 jazz and rock and acoustic were all crossing into each other's spaces, and Joni was one of the leading creative forces in that era. Musicians, and I was among them, adored her music. Her albums speak for themselves. Her artistic vision perfectly reflected the era, the age, the light and the dark of that period. Her performance that cold February night in Boston was energetic, soulful and intimate, ranging from sweet solos to big arrangements with the LA Express, lots of new material mixed in with favorites. Joni always chose excellent players to work on her projects, and her production standards were sky high. Needless to say the LA Express was a great complement to this performance as well. One last note, Joni seemed quite shy and vulnerable that night, which in no way detracted from her performance but rather added to it. A memorable night, 44 years ago!

Cookymonster on

Cold evening outside. I bought a $7 ticket from a scalper for $20. Worth every penny. The heckler attack was a distraught young woman sitting a couple of rows in front of me in the balcony. The woman started yelling about Joni's mother. Security hustled her out pretty quickly. Joni added a few extra bars on the piano and then continued on singing For Free. She handled it like a pro. Most exiting for me were the new songs Coyote and Don Juan. Hard to grasp all the lyrics the first listening, but these are true favorites still today. The most poignant singing was at the end of Harry's House, there were gasps from the audience. A wonderful, memorable and meaningful evening. Thanks Joni.