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1976.02.18 Joni's next appearance Civic Center Providence, RI

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  • Joni backstage
  • Joni listening, backstage.

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geobo on

I was more on the side of the stage, in a front row seat about a quarter way back but still with a great view. Joni was high-fashion, very well-dressed and with what seemed to me, her own unique elegant style. VERY high-class in a classic mode. She would have been at home walking down 5th Avenue in New York. The songs, every one my favorite!!! I really remember the hat she was wearing earlier in the show, and she enjoyed using it as a prop to play with the audience. Some guys were yelling "Take it off, Joni!" which got lots of laughs. But the joy is, there was no way she would. Pure class. She was the Madonna in the painting. And we adored her.

Steven53 on

I was in the 5th row center for this show. Joni was spectacular, appearing in very stylish black slacks, dark blouse, sequined vest, jewelry and fedora-type hat, her hair tucked up inside her hat, wisps of it showing thru a purplish/black backlit stage. After a brief intermission, for the second half of the show Joni wore dark brown slacks, smart with matching vest with hints of gold & sequins.. She was adorned in lovely necklaces and other jewelry, sans hat, her hair was shoulder length; for most of this portion of the show she was backlit in gold, red or yellow lights. Her band, amongst others consisted of memebers of the LA Express, Robben Ford (guitars) and David Luell (horns). Joni not only looked, but sounded fabulous, playing nearly every song from her Court & Spark LP amongst other hits from Blue, Ladies of The Canyon and more. I had my Nikon 35mm camera which I shot without flash, pushing the slide film (high speed Ektachrome).
This was a night I will never forget.   [ed.]  [ed.]