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1976.01.26  Dallas Convention Center  Dallas, TX

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Monday Night Concert - 1976

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graphis54 on 2013-Dec-11 at 10:30:57 GMT-5:
I'll never forget experiencing this amazing woman perform. It was my 2nd year in college at North Texas Stare University and a group of us traveled to Dallas to see Joni Mitchell. I thought I remembered her asking and taking the police officer's badge but the comment made by bucks1414 says she took his hat and played with it. Funny how you think you remember things. Joni was awesome and sang "Shade of Scarlet Conquering" on the piano - one of my favorite songs of hers at that time and wanted to hear her sing it in live. She is the best female vocalist/poet/painter/songwriter of all time. Rock on Joni :)
bucks1414 on 2010-Aug-03 at 12:28:07 GMT-5:
This was my first and only Joni Mitchell show. Would love to see her again. This was a great show for many reasons. Other than her superb performance, here are a few things that happened. While attempting to meet joni in the afternoon around soundcheck time, I instead met Bob Dylan and Kinky Friedman. Had a nice chat with Bob about Hurricane Carter. I asked if he would be playing with Joni and he said probably not, but he did stand at the edge of the stage during her last song and she pointed him out as 'a famous friend of mine.' Near the end of the show she started flirting with a policeman at the foot of the stage, and took away his police hat and wore it. After the show, he was there with all the fans, trying to get his hat back. She made him kiss her before giving it back. Then I met her and asked to for an autograph and she said 'What should I write?" I said, "Anything." So she wrote "Anything, Joni Mitchell." What a fabulous day and evening!!