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This work-in-progress lists all currently known appearances, drawn from a variety of sources.
Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001-2016.
Special thanks to Joel Bernstein for his contributions and assistance.
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1974.08.21 Temple Univ. Music Festival Ambler, PA

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jschumacher on

For the second night, Thurs., August 22, 1974, I have the set as: "CDR1 (78:31): 1. Free Man In Paris, 2. You Turn Me On I'm A Radio, 3. Big Yellow Taxi, 4. The Same Situation, 5. Barangrill, 6. Rainy Night House, 7. Woodstock, 8. This Flight Tonight, 9. People's Parties, 10. All I Want, 11. Woman Of Heart And Mind, 12. A Case Of You, 13. Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire, 14. Blue, 15. For Free, 16. Carey, 17. Trouble Child, CDR2 (33:28): 18. Help Me, 19. Jericho, 20. Love Or Money, 23. Both Sides Now, 24. The Last Time I Saw Richard, 25. Twisted"

all3miles on

i was returning to college in west virginia after a visit to the new jersey shore. my friends and i stopped in philadelphia, got a newspaper and to my surprise, joni was in concert that night. needless to say we made a bee line for the venue and it was at an outdoor amphitheatre just like on the cover of "miles of isles"!

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