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1974.08.20 Joni's next appearance Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) Saratoga Springs, NY

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  • Advertisement that appeared in the <i>Times Record</i> of Troy, New York on August 14, 1974.
  • Ticket to Joni Mitchell concert at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Tuesday, August 20, 1974, 8:00 PM. [djsmithny]
  • From the August 18 Press and Sun Bulletin
  • From the August 14 Poughkeepsie Journal


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Your Biggest Fan on

Went to see Joni and the LA Express at SPAC with a date and some friends. I was and remain a major fan. Did some acid, as we did in those days, and got completely swept away by the Goddess - convinced that I and everyone else in that rapturous audience would leave with Joni and get back to the Garden following the last song. I could not believe it when people starting leaving the theater at the concert's end, instead of walking toward the stage to follow Her out and onto the path back to Paradise. I was eventually delivered safely, albeit very sadly, back to my humdrum existence by some kind strangers who rescued me from my shattered bliss and drove me back to Albany. Needless-to-say, that pretty much ended my relationship with that night's date.

twistedelectricity on

I had been a fan of Joni Mitchell and her music since I was 13. I went with some friends to see her for the first time at SPAC. We lived about a two hour drive away. We sat under the stars on a big blanket and I thought I had gone to Heaven. I remember her introducing the band, the LA Express. I also remember her playing the piano with such passion. At the very end she sang Twisted. The lights under the cover went up and I got up and walked down the aisle to get as close as I could. I got very close to the stage and sat down on one of the aisle steps. It is a time I will always remember like it was yesterday.

laursar on

A friend in the neighborhood awoke me to Joni; ready to head off to graduate school at The Ohio State University, I went to Saratoga (my hometown), the concert,alone. As I'm sure you all know---a mind altering experience.

Don't recall the songlist, but do recall Mitchell at the piano---fiercely! I seem to think it was "Down to You" (from Court and Spark) (of course, you all know).
I also recall Tom Scott!

An amazing concert, igniting a lifelong passion for Joni Mitchell, her art, music, and message  [ed.]

wieldlife on

There are not much better places to be than August in Saratogo. SPAC is a wonderful venue to see any concert. We were under the she, it was a wonderful concert...Tom Scott and the LA Express complimented Joni just right... I would love see her again there. She played eveything I wanted to hear except "California" she refused saying it was a "plastic" song.