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1969.12.05 Joni's next appearance Symphony Hall Boston, MA

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locklady on

I remember this concert, I was amazed. I also had learned many of her songs on the guitar, and was surprised to see her play the piano. My most memorable moment was as I was leaving the concert I rounded the corner to catch the street car home and there she was getting into a car, she did stop to say hello and sign an autograph for the friend I was with, I was so awed I forgot to get one for myself.

nikskat on

I came to this concert as a passionate Joni fan, aged 20, having bought both(!) of her albums and having taught myself to play most songs on the guitar to the best of my limited ability. When they brought out the piano and she sat down to play "River," I was blown away-- Oh wow! She can play the piano, too!

janemurphy on

Now a freshman at Boston University, this was the 5th concert this year, making me a jonihead!
Symphony Hall is so magical. My son's high school string ensemble played there recently, and I loved the idea that he shared the stage with so many heroes, like Joni.

donnieG on

I attended the December 5,1969 concert at Boston Symphony Hall. The concert was warm, intimate and incomparable. I have an opportunity to nominated Ms Mitchell for the annual George Gershwin award as the first women recipient. The award cermony is broadcast on PBS. PBS is the best way for the new generation to experience Ms Mitchell's genius while restoring the audience of the past. Her contribution to contemporary music begs for renewal. Please inform me if I should pursue this path. Bill McDonough wmcdonough187@comcast.net