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1969.04.11 Joni's next appearance Sargent Gymnasium, Boston Univ. Boston, MA

Jaime Brockett and Livingston Taylor also performed.

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Mrbones on

i remember this concert well. I had been waiting for the opportunity to see her for a year. She was amazing, many of the songs she played from her just released 2nd album. Between the opener, Jamie Brocket and her, the Folk Song Society of Boston had asked two locals to perform. The first I don't remember, the second was Livingston Taylor. The only thing I remember him doing was an imitation of the Ray Charles coke commercial. Great night!

sbpaul on

Help me out here: My memory of this concert is sitting on the gym floor waiting almost three hours for Joni to arrive because of a snowstorm. Have I been making this up all these years?

Kristin on

I am happy to be reminded of Joni's swaying to "Night in the City" at this concert. My overwhelming memory of this concert (almost 50 years ago!) was the nearly completely hushed silence of the crowd when Joni sang her acapella anti-war song near the end. Her surreal talent/voice/command of the audience was beautiful. The feeling of being in her presence that one and only time has never left me. Thank you.

MadameZolar on

I went to this concert with Jaime Brockett; when Joni walked out on stage, dressed in a brown "prarie girl" piece of art, and began to sing, I knew I was witnessing one of the greatest talents of our times. For days afterwards, I felt as if I had been able to crawl through a window to another plane, thanks to her light showing the way. She remains, everstill, a huge influence...

jis010 on

Second time I saw Joni. I can still ;picture her swaying with her guitar in her hands singing Night in the City. Amazing concert