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JoniMitchell.com has been designed for interactivity. Registration allows you to add your voice in many different ways.

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» Add your concert memories for all those great Joni performances you've seen. Upload and share photos, concert tickets, and other memorabilia with other fans.
» The song and album polls have given way to a rating system. Rate albums, songs, books, DVDs, and transcriptions and compare your opinions to others.
» Keep track of your favorite items on the website with the new "MyPage" section.
» And you know there might be more...

Best of all, it's free!

Note: With this new site update, we are starting fresh with all registrations. If you've registered with JoniMitchell.com (or JMDL.com) prior to March of 2009, that information is no longer valid and you'll need to re-register. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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