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Joni Mitchell to open hometown art show Print-ready version

by Paul Cantin
Jam! Website
May 26, 2000

Joni Mitchell is putting on a show in her hometown of Saskatoon -- but don't expect to see her singing "Big Yellow Taxi."

The singer will be the subject of an exnhibition of her paintings dubbed "voices: Joni Mitchell". It will be hosted by the Mendel Art Gallery, starting June 30 and running through Sept. 17. In a press release, the gallery announced that they anticipate Mitchell will attend the opening.

"The title, 'voices,' underlines the central focus of the exhibition, which celebrates the artist's facility with multi-disciplinarity, her specific 'hybrid' approach to visual art, writing, and music," the gallery said in its announcement.

The exhibition will overtake the gallery's entire space and will feature 85 of Mitchell's paintings, which have occasionally adorned her album covers. Recordings of Mitchell's music will also be incorporated into the show.

"Viewers will gain an appreciation for Mitchell's career-long preoccupations: her subject matter -- those recurring introspective issues and themes; her social commentary; her unfailing Canadian prairie identity. 'voices' celebrates those links in terms of form and content which characterize her work and elevate Mitchell to the realm of a phenomena," the gallery promises.

Admission to the gallery is free for the show, which is being underwritten by Investors Group, SaskTel and the Potash Corporation.

More information can be found at the gallery's website.

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