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Reservoir Media's Joni Mitchell Success Print-ready version

by David Farrell
Billboard Canada
February 4, 2024

Among the 10 Grammy honours for Reservoir Media is Joni Mitchell at Newport, who won in the Folk Album category. The NYC-based music firm also has offices in L.A., Nashville, Toronto, London and Abu Dhabi and signed Mitchell to an all-encompassing global music publishing admin deal in 2021. Notably, Reservoir is owned by the Iranian-Canadian Khosrowshani family, who founded and then sold Future Shop to Best Buy in 2001 for $580M. Reservoir is run by daughter Golnar, a classically trained pianist with impeccable business credentials. The music firm now represents 150,000 copyrights and 36,000 master recordings that include the Tommy Boy and Chrysalis catalogues. She may be the wealthiest, most influential and little-known woman in Canadian music, so a tip of the hat to her, Joni, and the company.

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