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The 5 Best 2024 Grammys Performances, Ranked Print-ready version

Pretty sure these will play on a loop in my head for the next three business days.

by Samantha Olson
February 4, 2024


Music's biggest night has officially come and gone, which means we survived another year of Trevor Noah's hosting gig and witnessed a star-studded lineup of performances. The 66th Annual Grammy Awards have already become one of the most talked about shows this awards season, between Joni Mitchell's first-ever Grammys performance in her decades-long career to Dua Lipa's red-hot entrance into her new era. And - of course - the Barbie of it all. I've been watching the Grammys (and unabashedly providing my social followers with unfiltered live tweets) for half my life at this point, and I've also correctly predicted wins and performances in the past. Translation: This is my Super Bowl, and I'm here to give a ranking of the five best performances at the 2024 Grammys. Upward and onward!

5 Dua Lipa

It's safe to say Dua Lipa has proved she's worthy of being a Main Pop Girl™️ - which means the stakes are higher when it comes to releasing new material. Opening the Grammys is no easy feat, but Dua did it on a high note as she introduced her new single, "Training Season," before it officially is released on February 15. Dua ushered in her DL3 era in a dominatrix-inspired black pleather outfit clad with cutouts, and she didn't miss a beat with tons of synced-up dancers and high-energy choreography during "Dance the Night" and "Houdini." While it didn't pack quite the same punch as her 2021 Future Nostalgia medley, Dua successfully bridged her signature formula with her new pop persona. Long story short: She's still got the magic.

4 Luke Combs & Tracy Chapman

Before you look at this title card like "WTF?"...hear me out. As I've mentioned on the internet before, country is not my bread and butter - but it's difficult to not pay attention when one of the biggest songs of the last year is part of this year's Grammys lineup. Luke Combs took the stage with the original artist of "Fast Car," Tracy Chapman, for a full-circle moment. Luke and Tracy may come from different musical eras, but their duet was a prime portrayal of how powerful the art of music is as their chemistry flowed with ease. Their mutual respect glowed off each other as they let loose and had a great time performing. This energy also translated into the audience as artists like Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, and Jelly Roll were locked in and hyped enough to rightfully give the pair a standing O.

3 Fantasia Barrino

Fantasia Barrino reemerged into the mainstream thanks to her emotional performance in The Color Purple, and the multi-hyphenate continued to make her awards season rounds with a tribute to the late Tina Turner at the Grammys. Clad in a glamorous gold getup and mullet in homage to the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll's iconic style, Fantasia was accompanied by a boisterous full band and dancers in contrasting silver outfits. Don't get it twisted though - all eyes remained on Fantasia as she brought her flair with buttery vocals and recruited Dua Lipa for a dance. (She also attempted to boogie with Beyoncé, who was rumored to perform the very tribute she was giving.) In the end, Fantasia proved that her fabulous wheels will keep on turning with her rendition of "Proud Mary."

2 Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell - or the "matriarch of imagination," according to collaborator Brandi Carlile - gave her first-ever Grammys performance in her nearly six-decades-long career with a stunning rendition of her 1969 track, "Both Sides Now." Brandi, Jacob Collier, Allison Russell, Sista Strings, Lucius, and Blake Mills joined the legendary artist, breathing new life into the beloved song with string arrangements, piano playing, and both acoustic and electric guitars. Joni's legacy has transcended generations, as proven by the effortless sense of community and camaraderie between the diverse group of performers by her side. At 80 years old, Joni provides warmth and comfort in knowing that even she "really doesn't know life at all."

1 Miley Cyrus

Once she received her "Flowers" from the Recording Academy with her first-ever and long overdue Grammy win, Miley Cyrus took the stage to perform her record-breaking single. Throughout the years, her rockstar-raspy vocals have been accompanied (and at times, overshadowed) by bells and whistles in the form of foam fingers and floating hot dogs. Miley cemented herself as a pop culture icon at a young age, but her star shined brighter than ever when she arrived as herself - glowing, happy, and free-spirited - on the Grammys stage. With her glamorous getup, she sprinkled punchlines throughout the second verse, and provided fresh-cut "Flowers" with Tina Turner - esque ad-libs that got A-listers like Taylor Swift, Oprah, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen out of their seats. Oh, and forget about a mic drop - she kicked down the whole damn mic stand to finish off her knockout performance. She was just being Miley - and she will always be the moment.

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