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Joni Mitchell Brings Magic of Songs To Kleinhans Dec. 13 Print-ready version

Buffalo Evening News
December 3, 1969
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Joni Mitchell, Canadian folk poet and songwriter, will perform Saturday, Dec. 13, at 8:30 in Kleinhans Music Hall.

With two albums out and a number of entertainers singing her folk songs, Joni at 23 is thinking of retiring to devote her time entirely to song writing. If this is true, her concert here may be one of her last live appearances in the area for quite awhile.

To earn extra money while attending the Alberta College Of Art, she sang and played her ukelele in coffee houses and it was on the train to the Mariposa Folk Festival that she wrote her first song, a blues number called "Day After Day." Instead of returning to college after the festival, she stayed in eastern Canada and performed in coffee houses in the Toronto and Detroit areas.

She has written over 60 songs. Her biggest success was "Clouds" ("both Sides Now").

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