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Joni Mitchell is NOT dead: Erroneous report of death pulled Print-ready version

by Daniel Munro
The Focus
October 8, 2022

A representative for Joni Mitchell has confirmed that the folk singer is alive, after a report claimed she was dead on October 7, 2022.

Joni Mitchell fans across the globe may breathe a collective sigh of relief this Friday afternoon, after it was revealed that claims the singer had passed away were false and that the singer is still alive.

Mitchell, who recently made a return to the stage after an extended period of inactivity, is regarded as one of the singer-songwriters of the 21st century.

The Joni Mitchell "TK AGE" headline explained

The headline of a now-deleted post caused some confusion among readers, stating: "Joni Mitchell dies at TK AGE".

Rather than a clumsy typo, "TK" is typically written when a writer wishes to indicate to another writer that a certain piece of information is still "to come" prior to a piece being published, as per The Chicago Manual of Style.

This would suggest that the piece was pre-written and intended to be released upon Mitchell's eventual passing. The article itself also contained pieces of information that were yet to be filled in, as per reports.

Commenting on the post, a member of Mitchell's public relations team told Variety that: "I can confirm all is well so this was done in error".

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