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Melody Maker
April 29, 1972
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JONI Mitchell and Jackson Browne - whose album and single "Doctor My Eyes," are currently best sellers in the States - arrive in Britain this Sunday (30).

They play together on a few selected dates, and Jackson will also make solo appearances.

Another Asylum Records singer / songwriter - like Joni and Jackson - is also visiting Britain for a few dates during the middle of May. He is David Blue. Joni's album, "Blue" was dedicated to David.

Joni and Jackson appear together on Wednesday, May 3, at the Odeon, Manchester, followed by London's Royal Festival Hall - already a sell-out - on May 6. They then fly on for dates in Frankfurt (9), Amsterdam (14) and Paris (16).

Joni tapes a Sounds on Saturday BBC-TV show on May 19 for autumn transmission.

Solo dates for Jackson Browne are Music Workshop, London (May 1), BBC-2 TV's Old Grey Whistle Test (2), and a taped insert for radio's In Concert on May 18. He also appears at the Van Dyke. Plymouth on May 20. His last appearance in Britain was on the Laura Nyro concert at the Royal Festival Hall just over a year ago.

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