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by Chuck Klein
December 7, 1967
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Chuck and Joni Mitchell were at the Second Fret for a week, and it was wonderful to see them. These two are definitely going to be very big some day, and it's only a question of time, for the quality is already there. Contrary to what a lot of people think, they are not a duo; they work separately. Chuck's bag runs towards a cabaret kind of affair - songs based on Brecht poems, some folk material, some original songs. He has a smooth voice and fine control.

Joni is into more of a folk thing. She does all her own songs, and does them remarkably well. Her voice is sweet, her entire performance relaxed and easy. Many of her songs are quite good, some are excellent, such as "Urge For Goin'" and "Circle Game." They drew surprisingly large crowds for a first appearance here, so I'm sure we'll seeing a lot more of them.

While here, they were also on Barry Berg's Broadside show. This show is on every Saturday night from 8-12, WRTI-FM, 90.1. Barry usually has interviews, discussions, tapes of performers, and a whole lot of good music.

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