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Revelations from Joni Mitchell Print-ready version

by Bernard Prinz
Student Life (Logan, Utah)
February 2, 1977
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Few performers compare with Joni Mitchell. She is of the select few whose manipulative vocal ability and poetic prose combine from performances two steps above most others. Such is the case in her latest release, "Hejira."

While expanding and exploring with her style, there has been no sacrifice of quality. The album is of heavier tone, utilizing choral back-ups on two cuts. The lyrics and instrumental arrangements compliment each other better than previous Mitchell albums.

The lyrics deviate slightly from older releases as the strife and agony of lost lovers and lonely life styles are de-emphasized for the altruism of hope and courage.

If Mitchell's previous releases spoke of despair and desperation, Hejira responds with words of revelation.

The changes are not easily noticed, but the sense of something new runs throughout the album. Perhaps it's the assistance of Tom Scott, Neil Young, and Bobbye Hall who contribute with this boost of exhilaration.

Cuts to keep in mind include "Blue Motel Room," and "Song To Sharon."

Unlike many performers vying for mass acceptance and success, Joni Mitchell has had to sacrifice little for her popularity, and Hejira epitomizes this fact.

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