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Stampede Hootenanny to Feature Two Shows Print-ready version

Calgary Herald
June 8, 1964
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[Ed note: Joni performed at these 2 hootenannies, but wasn't popular enough to mention in the article.]

Stampede patrons who feel like singing will have a great opportunity to do so this year.

They will be invited to sing along with Oscar Brand, star of television's Let's Sing Out, who July 9 will head two hootenanny shows in the Corral at 2:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

Appearing with Mr Brand in the Stampede Hootenanny will be Al Cromwell, Toronto folk song artist; Karen James, Vancouver vocalist; the Take Four U of A folk group; the Kopala Trio, of Edmonton; and Brent Titcomb, a comedy folk song artist from Vancouver.

Stampede officials expect capacity audiences for both shows.

Mail orders are now being accepted for reservations and ticket sales will begin at the Stampede grounds June 15.

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