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Calgary Herald
March 13, 1964
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The Bowling Club has an excellent league functioning on campus this year, with good competitive teams bowling for the trophies. Latest standings:

Team high singles, Pinheads, 1,015: team high three, Hecklers, 2,821; ladies' high three, Anne Rosich, 654; ladies' high single, Anne Rosich, 281; men's high single. Bob Wilson, 339: men's high three, Bob Wilson, 779; ladies' high average, Joni Anderson, 176: men's high average, Bob Wilson, 211.

Teams will be chosen within the next few weeks for the intercollegiate tournament.

The volleyball team placed third in the Western Canadian championships.

Steinbeck of Winnipeg who has won the championships three times in a row won again this year.

Only three nominations have been received to date for the 10 executive council positions. Tuesday in the gym of the Students' Activities Building there was a general assembly where each member of the executive council explained his or her duties.

Dale Cleland placed first in the grand aggregate in the Tech bonspiel, Sunday. Stan Borass was second.

Dave Haydyn's rink placed first in the lab tech bonspiel.

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